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I have for over a year been having health issues, hair breakage, brittle fingernails,blood clots on my arms and thighs,chest just unexplainable things that was going on I must go back to the day my doctor told me that I had a kidney disease,which also was unexplainable being that I am a Real Natural as possible health conscious woman. I try to be up on what I put in and on my body, knowing that there is an agenda to destroy My People,and I consider this a total act of {{Redacerd}}.

This needs to be dealt with in the proper manner of Justice. When I first went on to the site I saw 66 reviews that had hair damages,but I am sure that all of them if polled would have had unexplainable things to happen to their health. I mean I had lots down my shoulders,now I have one inch of hair and an irritated scalp that feels like I have had a perm and burned it. But, this is the kicker they have put a Synthetic form of Coumarin aka Coumadin, Warfarin better known as Rat Poisin and cause free bleeders to Clot,so me I was not given this by my doctor,but it has been added into Natural Hair Products and I was putting it on to my hair and scalp as often as I felt not knowing that it was being absorb into my scalp pores.

Can you imagine,what I have been going through,but I just realized that this is the Culprit in my health. There is more to this story and the health hazards of this product and others with this and other harmful ingredients. I also would like to see that page again with the 66 other pissed off woman,please we have a class action,but I will go after them alone for what they have done to me and others. I do have pictures and videos of me with hair and now without, I also have all my damage hair with the Chemical still in it.

Please help me make this clear and help millions of people save their hair. This should go viral

Product or Service Mentioned: African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Beauty Set.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 64 Ross Rd, Savannah, GA 31405, USA

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I'm very sorry to read that you have so many health issues, but are you aware that coumarins & Coumadin are two different things? "Coumarin vs Coumadin Confusion Coumadin is a prescription medicine sold as Wafarin, and is a blood thinning agent.

It is affected by grapefruit, leafy greens, basil, and green teas so people taking it should be aware. Coumarin is used to make coumadin, but coumarin is not anti-coagulant itself. Safety Information: Coumarin is moderately toxic to the liver and kidneys if eaten (illegal in food products). [link] "One of the most common ways that coumarin makes its way into our diets is actually through [cassia, not Ceylon] cinnamon" [link] The 2004 tolerable daily food intake (TDI) set by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) at 0.1mg/kg daily.

For a fully grown adult to research this threshold, they would need to consume about 2400 plates of tonka bean flavoured desserts. [link] "


I really have to say I'm so upset about this perm. I do have before and after pictures of my hair.

Omg it burnt my scalp so bad. I couldn't put nothing on it. I always had healthy hair. Never hair breakage.

Now my hair is so thin I can't do anything with it. Scared to get braids because it might make it worse. I don't want to cut it because it's to short now.

Lord what am I going to do? Crying...

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