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African Pride took the original Miracle Creme Hair Dressing off the market with no warning to the consumer. The original works just fine for my hair texture.

The New Cream is supposedly improved and has olive oil as an ingredient. That may be fine for some hair textures but it's to runny and greasy for me. Why don't they just keep both formulas on the shelf. There is no other product out there like it.

The original formula is creamy, non greasy and not very scented. And that's why I love it.

I found about ten jars in a local beauty supply store and I brought them all. I just hope they will reconsider putting this product back on the market before I use my last few jars up.

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

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I still search for this product, the new version is not the same.


this product is irreplaceable. nothing else on the market even comes close.

i wish they'd bring it back . their current line up smells awful.

someone needs to purchase the original formula and bring it back because clearly the people at African Pride are clueless. If anyone out there has found a decent substitute for this item, please share.


I have been trying to get the Africian Pride Miracle Creme now for months and am so annoyed that I can't find it anywhere. This is the best hair product I have ever found and have tried the new stuff with olive but it doesn't work for me. Both my daughters love it too so when I did find it I would always buy in bulk.

So sad


I totally agree with you. I wish they would go back to the original formula.

I hate the new formula.

It's too heavy and oily for my hair texture. I did the same, but I am down to my last 3 jars and I haven't been able to find it anywhere.


I just bought this and actually like it, alot. Its a tad greasy though....so I'm thinking with the less grease original formula, that must've been one great product. Pity they spoiled it, :roll


try the dream kids versio, it is true to original texture but it is more scented

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