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What happen is that this hair product dream kids made my baby of 3 year old haor fall out it looks like she has a shape up all around her head and the little bit of hair that she does have gets so knotted up it looks like its matted on to her head..m im so pissed off why is this hair products still on the market...

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Omg this product has done the same to all 3 of my nieces hair I relaxed them all the same down.. Now they look like they have crew cuts, it also pulled out my moms healthy hair that she has never had issues within her 60 Year’s of living..,I would like to look into filing a class action lawsuit because I’m completely devastated for them..They are elementary and middle school aged girls that will probably be teased behind this crap... please contact me if you are willing to join...EVA ROBINSONRvivian37@***.com

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