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Recently I submitted a complaint about the New Improved African Pride Hair Cream w/olive oil. Pissed emailed a contact phone number to me and I have somehow misplaced it. Could you please get me that phone number again. The New Improved cream does not suit my hair texture, it's not as viscous/creamy and it's a bit greasy. The old formula was less greasy. Perhaps they could consider keeping both formulas. Anyway I would love to know if they plan ever reproducing the old formula or at least tell me where I can find a similar product. Please please hel[p.
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I wish they would bring back the old African Pride Miracle Creme. I don't like te new one with the Olive oil....It is Definitely tooooooo GREASY!

Yuk! :cry :sigh


I feel the same way I am in a mission now searching for the old cream the new cream is bull ish! It's a collect dust on shelf product!!! ????

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New Improved Miracle Creme Hair Dressing w/Olive Oil

African Pride took the original Miracle Creme Hair Dressing off the market with no warning to the consumer. The original works just fine for my hair texture. The New Cream is supposedly improved and has olive oil as an ingredient. That may be fine for some hair...
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I still search for this product, the new version is not the same.

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What about us ?

I haven't been able to find the original african pride no lye relaxer kit anywhere. consumers were not given the opportunity to chose between the old relaxer kit or the new and improved no lye relaxer kit before it was discontinued. Now this web site wont take my complaint unless my comment is at least 100 words or more, when my hair is crying out for help; this has been a Day mere for me; A womens hair is her GLORY !!!!!!!!!!, I spent a year trying to restore the damages of substitutions, All I would like to see is a healty head of hair again, I don't know about where you live, but where I live you would want to stay far away from beauty salons, I have to restore not only my hair but my roots as well because nobody thought of me before they discontinued the only product that worked for my hair. please, please, please , return it,
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